Newsletter 2013/02

PhDr. Norbert Riethof
Dear friends of Coaching Systems,
I send you a heartfelt greeting and I am happy to share the latest news with you.
First of all, I would like to emphasize a new patnership with Břevnovský klášter, Prague where we have found a new “home” for most of our coaching training. The reason is not only the beauty of the place but as well a feeling that our training courses belong there.
Actually, the Academy of Coaching Excellence organized a very successful seminar with Marian Jelínek at Břevnovský klášter on 10th May. Sixty people came to Mr. Jelínek's first public seminar and heard him on a range of topics like flow, zone and peak experiences. We consider it as a huge success.
I am very happy to say that you have shown so much interest in our 2-day coaching training courses that we are going to run a second workshop on Gestalt Coaching and add a new 2-day training course on MBTI and Coaching.
Finally, I would like to share the amazing fact that we are now a partner of the production of “The King’s Speech” at the Divadlo pod Palmovkou. You may well ask “why” but the answer is simple: the performance is filled with the themes of coaching, personal development and building leadership. And it's breath-taking and great drama too. We have 6 tickets for the performance (which is sold out until the Fall) as a gift for our new participants in the Academy of Coaching Excellence.
I hope you enjoy this update.
Norbert Riethof
EIA Practicioner


Sixty participants try to find “the Hidden Road to Victory…”

On 10th May, we organized a seminar “The Hidden Road to Victory…” with Marian Jelinek. Sixty participants came to experience a unique opportunity at Brevnovsky klaster, Prague. Marian Jelinek is an ex-coach of Jaromir Jagr and is now a succesfull freelance trainer and manager. The seminar focused on the topics of flow, zone and peak experiences.

Increase your business influence and join the Academy of Coaching Excellence

On 22nd April, we successfully launched the first Academy of Coaching Excellence in English. Seven participants have begun their eight-month long training, with the objectives of acquiring fresh coaching skills and obtaining international certificates. You can still join the training course from the 2nd Module in June.

Our training is “the best training of the year 2012 in ČSOB”

We are very happy to announce that the training course “Acquisition and Sales Skills” led by Lada Mezgerová and Blažena Mačáková is the course with the best evaluation from participants from ČSOB in 2012.

The Academy of Coaching Excellence applies for the ICF accreditation

We have applied for the ACSTH accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. We would like to provide participants of the Academy of Coaching Excellence - Practitioner an opportunity to get individual accreditation not only from the EMCC (the European Mentoring and Coaching Council) whose accreditation we already have, but also from the ICF. See the updates at our webpage.
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